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Blondie in Breeches:
Shannon Fogden

Shannon Fogden is a 23 year old dressage rider and blogger from Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. She began riding at just two years old and has been in the saddle almost ever since. 

She competed in all disciplines successfully as a pony rider and juniors. After a long break from riding due to ill health she represented her province in dressage as a junior. 

She began blogging in 2014 and has a passion for all things equestrian and South African horse sport. Her blog Blondie In Breeches was scouted for the equestrian social network HorseALot and has enjoyed collaborations with many equestrian brands. 

Along with her horse Walking Base she has had success up to Advanced, she has been KZN Champ two years in a row and plans to campaign at FEI Small Tour in 2018 as well as competing her 4 year old Scout DB.

In 2017 she travelled to Holland to train with Joyce Heuitink and hopes to spend more time training there in future, while balancing her studies in Marketing and a job in Real Estate. 

Shannon is proudly supported by KEP Italia and Unicorn Tack. 

Jenna Barrow
Jenna Barrow is one of South Africa’s emerging young talents, with 12 years in the saddle, this twenty year old is already campaigning on the 2017 World Cup circuit with her superstar Parc Pleasure. She has topped her impressive resumé recently gaining international experience at WEF. She let us know about a few of her favorite things! 

1. What is the most exciting thing about South African Horse Sport? 
I think the most exciting thing is that the sport keeps growing. The standard of the sport keeps increasing, the quality of horses gets better and better as well as the level of competition. It’s also so encouraging to see how many talented young riders are coming up through the grades! 
2. What has been your biggest achievement to date? 
That’s a tough one. I definitely have a few that stand out. The first was winning the 1.30m SA adult championships on my then 6 year old horse. It was my first ‘big’ win and I was still a junior rider so that one sticks out. Another one would be winning the final leg of the Hilmar Meyer young rider series. Most recently, and possibly my greatest achievement so far would be jumping double clear and finishing 9th in my first 1.50m Grand Prix with my horse Parc Pleasure. 
3. What’s your training pet peeve? 
I definitely have a few of these! The excessive use of training aids always irritates me. I have no problem with an experienced hand using them for a valid reason or to work through a certain problem but when they are used every day just because it makes the riders life a bit easier - I can’t say I agree with that. 
4. What advice would you give a rider in one sentence? 
If you focus on results you will never get better. If you focus on getting better you will get results. (That’s two sentences I know, but it’s one saying? 😏)
5. Where do you see your riding career in 5 years time? 
In 5 years I would like to have gained experience jumping the World Cup classes here in South Africa. I would also like to gain more experience overseas, whether it be training, competing or even watching the worlds best riders. 
6. Do you remember the first time you fell off? 
I do. I was having a lesson in a riding school. My pony spooked at some drag marks in the sand and I went straight over her head! 
7. What is the one piece of equipment you couldn’t live without? 
That’s a difficult one too! Probably my Samshield helmet - I won’t get on a horse without it! 
8. What is your favorite equestrian Instagram? 
I’d have to say Noelle Floyd Magazine or Noelle Floyd Style. They capture the most amazing moments in current equestrian sport and the photography is to die for! 
9. Who is your role model? 
My equestrian role model is definitely Laura Kraut! 
10. If you could ride with any trainer in the world, who would it be? 
Again I have a few and I can’t pick just one! 
Jeroen Dubbeldam. Need I explain? His achievements definitely speak for themselves. 
Jos Kumps. I was lucky enough to watch a few of his lessons in the USA and I learnt so much just from listening to him!
And of course Laura Kraut!
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10 Questions with ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cinzia Pasteris
Cinzia Pasteris has built quite a resume for herself in her 21 years. From representing South Africa in Childrens competitions,  competing at the top level in both equitation and showjumping through juniors and winning her first World Cup at just 20 years of age in 2016. She is now running a successful showjumping yard in George in the Western Cape, alongside her boyfriend, and is definitely one to watch on the South African equestrian scene. 

Here Cinzia answers our ten questions on South African horse sport, training and becoming a winner.​

1.What is the most exciting part of South African horse sport? 
The most exciting part of South African horse sport is that it truly is growing. Definitely in the area George where I live the sport is growing especially showjumping in particular and it's so exciting to see people all joining in for the love of horses.

2.What has been your biggest achievement to date? ​
My biggest achievement to date has always been getting my South African colors for showjumping as a child rider but most recently winning the World Cup Qualifier in shongweni last year it truly was a dream come true. 

3.What’s your training pet peeve? 
To be dead honest I don't have a training pet peeve as I believe that in order to be better you will need to do things you may not like but they are necessary and therefore to me any training is positive even if it's hard and doesn't always go according to plan

4. What advice would you give riders, in one sentence?
In order to be a good rider you need to have patience, work hard and never give up as it may not be easy but it definitely is worth it.

5. Where do you see your riding career in five years?
 I still see myself in five years time jumping at top level and producing lots of young horses as I enjoy what I do and I'll do it for as long as I can. 

6. Do you remember the first time you fell off?
No I don't remember the first time I fell off as I've been riding since Age 5 and probably because there has been so many.

7. What is the one piece of equipment you couldn’t live without?
The one piece of training equipment I probably won't be able to live without is a running rein. 

8. What is your favourite equestrian Instagram account?
My favorite horse instagram to look at is appaWoosa. They have the most incredible pictures of showjumping in particular.

9. Who is your role model?
My role model is the young rider from the United States - Reed Kessler. 

10.If you could ride with any trainer in the world, who would it be?
 If I had to choose from any trainer in the world I would probably choose Rob Hoekstra, who is the coach for the British Olympic team. I've been on several of his clinics , I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed them

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Photo courtesy of Jessica Roll Photography

“ In order to be a good rider you need to have patience, work hard and never give up as it may not be easy but it definitely is worth it."
Cinzia Pasteris